Who We Are

Our company was founded after years of research and private work within the heating, plumbing and construction industries. Just like every other dedicated engineer we wanted to provide our client with a service they do not need to keep ringing us back for. One of the most common problems we faced was when fitting brand new boilers for clients. So we decided that the best way to deal with this is by researching and understanding the main issue.

Your Benefits

Drainage Valve

Having fitted on a drainage valve on our product it makes it very easy to drain the water before cleaning.

Simple & Effective Mesh

The mesh we have manufactured has compartments which clog up bit by bit and easy to wash away.

Easy to Clean

With a few simple twists after drainage you can pull out the mesh and magnet and rinse them out.

Guaranteed to protect your boiler system

With our filter you can literally see how much impurities are caught inside.

Product Stats

Happy Customers
Satisfaction Guarantee
Mesh Microns
Years Warranty

Product Features

Service Valves

High quality 22mm service valve.

Maximum Efficiency

Built with an angle for maximum efficiency in flow.

Drainage Valve

Drainage valve and key which is easy to use and makes it a product that can be maintained by a layman.
Zeetec 1

Strong Magnet

Strong magnet which will attract any magnetic metals which manages to pass through the 80 microns gaps of the mesh.

High Quality Mesh

High quality mesh with only 80 microns space.

Speedy service

Takes only a few minutes to service the filter